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Per-App VPN with F5 BIG-IP APM and Cortado Corporate Server

Easily implement this iOS business feature

As of iOS 7 and subsequently with iOS 8 too, Apple has set a milestone in terms of the business capability of mobile devices. The result is that iOS devices can be used in conjunction with an iOS-compatible enterprise mobility solution securely and productively at a company. This includes the feature "per-app VPN." As a quick reminder, this allows you to determine which apps can use the secure VPN tunnel and which cannot. It is thus an important security and performance feature which is very significant for companies.1 Per-app VPN can be implemented very easily with the network provider F5 Networks® and the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server.

How can companies use per-app VPN on iOS devices?As for all Apple business features, in order to use per-app VPN, companies need an enterprise mobility solution that allows this function to be realized on a device. And that is precisely what the partnership between network provider F5 Networks and the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server makes possible.

What are the benefits of per-app VPN for me?VPN is the digital shield in IT. Until now, there was only one premise in the mobile world however: it was all or nothing. Either all or no application communication was routed through the tunnel. But now, per-app VPN prevents unwanted data from entering into the corporate network from apps that are classified as insecure. Per-app VPN also protects the bandwidth, as bandwidth drains such as YouTube or Skype can be excluded from the VPN connection. With Cortado Corporate Server and F5 BIG-IP APM (APM stands for Access Policy Manager), you decide which apps can or cannot use the encrypted VPN connection.

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