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Survey Results prove industry uptake and growth in PDF at 90%

The Ghent Workgroup (GWG) is delighted with the response to its 2017/2018 Webinar Program. A global audience of over 300 attended the first series of webinars during November and December 2017. This first series included a review of the results of the 2017 GWG PDF Survey. The next webinar in the series is due to take place on 16th January 2018 at 4pm CET.

David Zwang, Chairman says, “The GWG team are very pleased with the reaction to the first series of webinar programs. The interest level has been exceptionally high. We launched these webinars to share our knowledge and engage with the print, publishing and packaging industries and we believe the high interest justifies the work of the Ghent Workgroup. Our objective has always been to establish and disseminate process specifications for best practices in graphic arts workflows. Over the last fifteen years we have produced numerous process specifications for efficient PDF exchange and developed useful and practical tools for automating and testing processes to provide consistent and reliable PDFs for production. Through the success of the 2017 PDF survey we are able to share the news that 90% of companies WW are now receiving PDF files in preference to EPS and Postscript."

Significantly, the GWG PDF Survey had over 1000 complete responses in several languages from a wide representation from the Graphic Arts sectors. The Ghent Workgroup now has a clearer picture of the demographics and types of companies using PDF and PDF/X and how they are working within their printers and prepress partners. This can only support the research and the development of its specifications. The survey results reflected a strong uptake by Creative Agencies and Freelance Designers which is of importance to the industry. David van Driessche, Executive Director at GWG says, “This is pleasing. It’s the way the industry should be going. If PDF and PDF/X files are created correctly at the design stage, the rest of the process through to production can be simplified”.

One of the key elements of the GWG mission is to educate and, it was noted through the PDF Survey that, there is still some confusion between PDF/X and PDF/X-Plus, the GWG preferred format. The GWG team was pleased to see increased interest in ‘PDF 2.0, and looks forward to future implementations of it as they are released. They were also pleased that there was a high response of 83% of companies who now preflight all files, although in some cases this was a visual check and not through the use of preflight software. Questions asked during some of the webinars included those on embedded RGB files and the handling of ICC Profiles.

One of the questions in the survey was ‘Which Standards are missing’. There was a significant response asking for specifications for Digital Print and Large Format as well as Packaging. GWG has been working on digital specifications and there will be some news on this in the near future.

Registration is open for the next webinars in the series.

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