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pdfToolbox update 9.3 is now available!

callas software, market leader for automated PDF quality control and archival solutions, today releases version 9.3 of its showpiece pdfToolbox. This update contains small but significant new features to make your life easier.

What’s new in version 9.3?
pdfToolbox 9.3The following new features have been integrated into callas pdfToolbox 9.3:
The update now uses the latest version of the Adobe PDF Library. It provides bug fixes in the areas of rendering and transparency flatting and improves stability and performance of the application.
A new Switchboard action allows for converting pages containing CMYK (and optionally spot colors) into pre-separated pages (without rasterization). A one page CMYK PDF file is converted into a four-page pre-separated PDF file. Pre-separated pages have metadata to allow compatible equipment to recognize them as such.
The pdfToolbox check for the size of a page box such as the trim box has been extended. Now it is also possible to check that a page has either a given size or a multiple of that size. This allows for checking whether a page can be proportionally scaled to the required size.
A small convenience feature can make the development of profiles and process plans using variables much easier: when testing profiles or process plans in pdfToolbox Desktop, variables can now be reloaded from the last run. It is even possible to export them into a JSON file or load such a JSON structure. The same JSON can also be used in pdfToolbox CLI or SDK. A real-time saver when it comes to testing profiles with large amounts of variables.
Version 9.3 in addition fixes many problems reported via our support channels

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