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Agfa Graphics' Eversify delivers Mobile Publishing in one Touch

Reaching users of mobile devices with news and messages is a necessity for many publishing houses nowadays. With Eversify, Agfa Graphics now brings its extensive automation expertise to mobile publishing.

Eversify automates the workflow and delivery of content - day after day - for every type of mobile reader. It provides for a smooth and tailored integration with existing publishing systems and web CMS solutions. As a cloud-based solution, Eversify offers a fast start-up and a predictable operational cost, without extra investments in server hardware or extensive training.

At the World Publishing Expo 2014 in Amsterdam (NL), Agfa Graphics will showcase the latest version of Eversify that has been updated with a number of new features based on the input from the growing base of users:

Kiosk Image Customization: In Eversify publishers identify how images should be used for each edition in the kiosk. This allows the publisher to use images from within the edition or use an image of a printed front page.
Ad Imports: Uploading advertisements is as easy as working with articles. The ad zip files include the ad image(s) as well as an XML descriptor that describes the ad.
Ad Placement: publishers decide up front if ads are included in article link pages or within articles. The 'ad widget' allows for the positioning and sizing of the actual ad content.
Drop-cap Support: The publisher can now include drop-caps in articles with complete control over typographic elements.
Auto Soft-Hyphenation: Eversify applies soft hyphen information to text on input resulting in better looking content automatically. Soft hyphenation supports a number of languages, including German, which is a challenging language due to the manner in which words are constructed.
Article Aside improvements: Asides features precise placement of images within the aside via the Eversify server. As a result images are positioned along with related text.
Web-Based Editions: publishers can now provide the same content in a browser as on mobile devices allowing readers to read content on desktops as well as on tablets and phones.
Support for PDF Files with Special Characters: To allow publishers to easily report international news and file names, Eversify now supports uploading special characters (diacritics) such as names with umlauts (ä), rings (å), curves (ž), and tildes (ã).
Easier Access to image cropping screens: Publishers can decide to crop images within an edition both at the section and article level. Cropped images not only help saving space but often also help to bring a stronger message.
Centralized EDC++ Management: EDC++ editions get a higher reading value when customized via edition specific information stored on the server. These extra files contain a variety of information, which is automatically embedded in the EDC++ edition.
Increased Article Support: Eversify now supports up to 9,999 articles per section as well as support for longer articles.



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