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Smart bonding solutions

Let’s take a look around, around our homes and our cities at the objects that we use every day. From the furniture that embellishes our homes and the small and large electronic appliances that we use on a day-to-day basis, to our cars and the books that we read, these are just some of the application examples that make use of adhesive tape – an exceptionally versatile product that can be adapted to meet the most diverse of requirements. Moreover, if the product most suited to our needs doesn’t yet exist, it can be made to measure. At Print4All, Lohmann will be presenting its vast range of products designed for various applications, in addition to a new development: the DuploFLEX EB.

At Print4All, German company Lohmann will be presenting its vast range of products and experiences within the Graphics market. The ‘Bonding Engineers’ will in fact be presenting innovative bonding solutions, above all, for the flexo printing industry.

Today, the possibilities provided by flexo printing are simply endless. The company’s customers have high expectations and demand perfect printing results, meaning that choosing the right double-sided tape for assembly is key for each and every printing professional.

Acting as an intermediary and cushioning structure, the tape with foam support, must also facilitate the optimal printing of the image. The DuploFLEX 5 range consists of several compressible tapes that differ in terms of hardness and adhesive level. The DuploFLEX HP 5 is available for challenging and complex printing tasks. The high-performance foam used in this case plays a decisive role: it is highly stable and has good springback. It counterbalances machine vibrations, prevents ‘misprints’ and is particularly recommended for printing tasks that require long, high-speed runs.

The Lohmann ‘Bonding Engineers’ also have solutions for printing directly on corrugated board. As a compressible base, the DuploFLEX CB (Corrugated Board) ensures the best possible result for high-quality direct printing tasks. The CB line in fact offers high-quality printing with an excellent cost-benefit ratio when printing directly on corrugated board.

The DuploFLEX EB (Engineered Bond) will be making its debut in the Graphics market. In this case, the favourable features of the DuploFLEX 5 are combined with other properties. The base constitutes a new adhesive, which has been specifically designed for these products. Moreover, it is solvent-resistant and also has a greater resistance to temperature and humidity. When having to deal with particularly demanding printing jobs, such as print cylinders of a small diameter or particularly rigid polymers, the DuploFLEX EBX comes into its own. The DuploFLEX EB is available with a vast range of foam media, from extremely soft to extremely hard, and with a maximum width of 1,380 mm.

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