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Ten Times faster stripping at The Majan Printing and Packaging Co. LLC - Ras al Khaimah, UAE

With a throughput of around 3.5 million boxes a day, ensuring the smooth conversion of die-cut sheets into folded and glued cartons is an important issue for The Majan Printing and Packaging Company. The removal by hand of edge waste on piles of die-cut work is time consuming, may lead to repetitive strain injuries among operatives, and can deform the blanks.

Santosh Prabhu, Technical Manager at the 102,000 square metre plant, says that purchasing BOBST Waste Strippers has increased the productivity of the folding and gluing process. “The product is stripped evenly, with no hammer damage marks. It saves time and improves operator comfort.”

Despite its powerful 400-watt motor, the BOBST Waste Stripper is quiet in use, and it is able to remove waste ten times quicker than operatives can by hand.

primi sui motori con e-max

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