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Hopkins Printing Increases Postpress Productivity by 30 Percent with New Stahlfolder

stahlfolder th 82Hopkins Printing of Columbus, Ohio has increased their productivity rate by 30 percent with their new Stahlfolder TH 82-P with the high performance PFX 82 pallet feeder from Heidelberg.

30 Percent Production Increase on Same Jobs
Hopkins Printing recently replaced competitive technology with their new Stahlfolder TH 82-P. Now running up to 16,000 sheets per hour, Hopkins Printing was able to lower their costs and grow their print shop.
“We’re still running the same types of jobs as we did with our old folder,” said Terry Remaly, Plant Manager at Hopkins Printing. “However, we’re producing 30 percent more with the Stahlfolder, and it benefits our company as a whole.”
The increase in speed and productivity is a direct result of several innovations, which led to the Stahlfolder receiving three Intertech™ Technology Awards since its launch.
For the first time, it’s possible to feed sheets into the folder in an overlapping sheet stream with the PFX pallet feeder. Additionally, each subsequent station (i.e. second and third station) is streamfed as well. This allows Hopkins to increase their throughput by more than 50% without increasing the linear speed of the machine.
Thanks to automated settings, the Stahlfolder is also able to save time on makereadies. Easy set-up results from the 80 folding schemes preprogrammed in the digital fold type catalogue.
Excellent Service and Great Machines
With both Heidelberg and competitive technology in their print shop, Hopkins Printing chose Heidelberg when selecting their new folder. With 5 Heidelberg presses, including a Speedmaster XL 105 & 106 with Inpress Control, 2 POLAR cutters, a POLAR PaceSystem, and a Stahl combination folder, Remaly is aware that even the best machines need good service.
“I tell this to everyone, every machine is going to break down eventually,” said Remaly. “The highest quality, most productive machine will still need small repairs and new parts. These machines are the lifeblood of our business; we need to be able to rely on the manufacturer’s service department and parts delivery. Even the best machines need good service. That’s what Heidelberg has – both excellent service and great machines.”

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