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More than 2,000 Production Lines successful with aNIR

aNIR advanced Near InfraRed (aNIR), the company's own and widely patented platform technology, celebrates its 25th anniversary.

aNIR can be used for heating, forming, drying, melting and curing processes in a large variety of industrial sectors. Plastics, steel, graphics, automotive, pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries as well as thermal process engineering, 3D manufacturing and sintering application benefits from our advanced NIR process technology. Within the last 25 years over 2,000 production systems have been successfully realized.

aNIR systems can vary from 0.2 kW to 20,000 kW and between focussed areas of Ø 1mm as well as large areas of (3m x 10m) depending on application-optimized customer-specific process requirements.
The continuous development and optimization of the aNIR-technology enables adphos to solve for our customers new, previously unworkable process requirements in a cost productive way.
adphos would like to thank all our customers for the confidence they have placed in us over the last 25 years and will endeavour to be a technology leader in thermal process technology, ready to face your new challenges.

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