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Guandong leads the revolution of in-store promotion with innovative materials produced with applied nanotechnology

At Fespa 2015, Guandong presented a totally new concept that had never been seen before, destined to revolutionise in-store communication in just a short space of time: Spot Déco. Since then, Guandong and its R&D department have been working non-stop, and over the past three years they have developed a complete range of highly innovative media supports designed specifically for increasingly "just-in-time" messages and promotions. Speed, immediacy and simple installation are in fact the keys to Guandong’s Spot Déco, designed specifically to meet the claim: "Change your message in 1 minute".
"Three years ago we started from our intuition that - in a context where real-time communication rules – in-store promotional activities had to catch up with the rhythms of what we are used to seeing online" - explains Edoardo Elmi, president of Guandong. "We therefore became the spokesperson for this need and initiated a process of culturalization throughout the entire supply chain, from end users to printers; from retailers to distributors".
That intuition has now become a reality. It has been understood and adopted by other players and is now a market in its own right, one where Guandong continues to be the trendsetter thanks to the two main assets on which it has always founded its business: listening to the customer and monitoring the trends that constantly fuel Research and Development. All with the added value of consolidated experience and exclusive technical know-how.

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