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KDX introduces a new thin gauge Gloss Laminating Film

KDX, a world leader in the manufacture of advanced polymer materials including Thermal Laminating Films, BOPP Wet Films and 3D Lenticular solutions, has added a thin gauge BOPP Gloss Laminating Film to its portfolio. The new thin film is aimed at Printers / Print Trade Finishers with high volume production laminating equipment.

The new film is avialable in 18 micron Gloss and 20 micron Matt and is a cost effective solution for high volume requirements without a compromise on quality. This new Gloss Film is a good general purpose product and does exhibit excellent ‘burst’ properties which give an even distribtion of adhesive making it ideal for folding, creasing and many other finishing applications. The film has excellent transparency, plus a good gloss level and excellent low static charateristics to further enhance production efficiency.

Michel Diruy, General Manager KDX Europe Bv commented, “The new thin gauge Gloss / Matt Film is a ground-breaking product offering overall quality with a great performance. It is ideal for everyday use, especially large scale production where the cost effectiveness needs to be taken into account. It has a good level of adhesion on off set printed work. Nevertheless for heavy ink coverage, KDX does recommend the use of the regular Gloss 25 micron and Matt 26 micron”.

KDX has direct routes to market in the UK and Europe and are supplying printers, finishers and converters directly in these areas. They have European warehousing and logistics set up for next day delivery within the UK.



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