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InPrint 2017: KYOCERA presents new compact, modular and efficient UV LED Curing Light

Kyocera UV LED Light Air cooled G5AAt the 2017 InPrint trade show held in Munich, KYOCERA will present the new UV LED Light AIR-cooled G5A, capable of producing a high radiation power of 24 watts/m2 in a compact design.

At InPrint 2017 Kyocera will be presenting its new UV LED Light Air-cooled G5A. For the first time, Kyocera is employing air-cooling within a UV-LED light, which allows for an especially compact design. At the same time the new model offers all the recognised advantages of Kyocera UV-LED lights such as high radiation power, dense LED arrangement, and optimised heat distribution.
The UV LED Light Air-cooled G5A is based on UV-LEDs that are arranged in high density on a ceramic substrate. Among other things, this promotes label printing, printing of large-scale signs or printing on materials like wood or plastic. The system can reach a maximum radiation of 24 watts per m2 even with its compact dimensions. At a speed of 50 metres/minute this corresponds to an energy output of up to 350 millijoules per cm2. Depending on the application, the new UV- LED light is available with a 385mm or 395mm UV wavelength.
Modular design and comprehensive status information
Installation of the UV LED Light Air-Cooled G5A is very simple and space-saving. A single module covers a radiation width of 80 millimetres. Where necessary a number of modules can be arranged in a row, which allows for the flexible customisation of the system by different media sectors. The new UV-LED light can simultaneously be used in connection with different printing processes — for example, to accelerate the ink drying process in conventional analogue printing machines.
The system provides a multitude of status updates via an RS-485 interface, such as information on the applied voltage of the LEDs, the temperature of the LEDs and glass, dimming and radiation life of the LEDs, the runtime of the integrated cooling fans or the service life of the filter.
Integrated and fully automatic surveillance systems can also convey warning messages in the same way on a superordinate management and control unit, letting the user know if it is necessary to change an LED or filter as well as providing error information about LEDS, temperatures and cooling fans. Furthermore the RS-485 communications interface permits the configuration of different settings: dimming of LEDs can be controlled using ten settings (1 volt to 10 volts), and the radiation width can be adjusted in 1 inch intervals.
Compact and efficient feature developments in the lineup of Kyocera UV-LED lights
With the UV LED Light Air-cooled G5A Kyocera is expanding its range of practical UV-LED lights to include a compact model, but also provides other efficient and flexible models for use in a number of different fields.

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