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DP Lenticular’s New 75 Lpi Lenstar ‘Lite’ Targets Savings

In response to customer demand, DP Lenticular has set its sights on introducing greater savings with the launch of its 75 LPI Lenstar ‘Lite’ Elliptical lenticular sheet.

Equally effective at delivering both 3D and animation effects, it uses a unique elliptical lenticular design. Developed by PACUR, 75 LPI Lenstar ‘Lite’ is extruded to the same thickness as the existing 75 LPI Ecolens of 406 microns rather than the 457 microns of DP Lenticular’s worldwide standard LENSTAR®Plus 75 LPI lens.

“Having 50 microns less enables to retain the great optical properties of Lenstar Plus resin in a thinner sheet,” states DP Lenticular's founder and managing director Daniel Pierret. “As you can imagine, this represents a significant saving, even on small quantities.”

Like LENSTAR®Plus 75 LPI, 75 LPI Lenstar ‘Lite’ Elliptical can be printed on almost all the offset printing presses and is available in the small 52-sheet size so that there is no need for sheet cutting.

LENSTAR®Plus lenticular resin was specially designed for offset printing and offers superior product performance. It represents a polymer technology printers can use to achieve their sustainable goals.

Designed for ease of cutting and finishing, it delivers high optical clarity, great impact resistance, print receptivity and press stability. It is fully recyclable and BPA and Chlorine free and has a high natural dyne level and long shelf life.

Full pallets are stored in Antwerp (Belgium), but also in DP Lenticular’s new warehouse in Dubai. Small quantities are available from Ireland. The new sheet will is available in Antwerp and Ireland today.

The sheets are palletized with 1500 sheets per pallet. www.dplenticular.com


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