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TruPoint Green® to Make Debut at FEFCO Technical Seminar 2017

Flexo Concepts® is excited to introduce its latest doctor blade innovation, TruPoint Green, at FEFCO's Technical Seminar this year in Vienna. Green will fulfill corrugated printers’ needs to produce mid-level graphics without having to run steel blades.

As graphics requirements continue to grow, corrugated printers are looking for a doctor blade that will meter anilox line screens between where UHMW is effective and where steel is required. Green offers printers an alternative to steel in these mid-level graphics applications. The custom-compounded material demonstrates better stiffness and only half the mechanical creep of UHMW in addition to better wear rates and safety than steel. Green is also made partly from recaptured carbon monoxide, thereby helping printers reduce their carbon footprint.

Kevin McLaughlin, Flexo Concepts’ CEO, will explain the market’s need for this product and why it works during his presentation, “TruPoint Green Doctor Blade ‘Fills the Gap’ for Corrugated Printers.” The presentation is scheduled to take place during Session 3 of the Spotlights on October 11.

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