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DPST Displays UV LED Card Personalization System

UV LED curing is ideal for high-speed card personalization.

DPST (Digital Printing Solutions & Technologies) announced the launch of their new card personalization systems with front and back (duplex) Drop-On-Demand (DoD) imaging and available UV LED curing capability in May 2010 and have since installed five systems with tremendous reception from their customers. The DPST Inkjet technology is the latest single pass UV inkjet system to utilize Phoseon's FireFlex™ and FireLine™ curing systems for high-speed card personalization curing with superior results.
DPST's TurboJet1200 is a state-of-the-art inkjet system that will print faster than any laser system available at a fraction of the costs. It is a monochrome (black) inkjet system that is available in 4 different print widths. The TurboJet1200 can print on a variety of different papers. The user interface is easy to handle, offers a good overview and with its Windows technology it is truly intuitive.
Clean Energy UV LED Curing
Phoseon's FireFlex and FireLine products are scalable high-power UV LED curing solutions aimed primarily at high performance/high speed single pass UV inkjet applications but with utility in a wide variety of web/conveyor based UV curing applications. The FireFlex has an emitting area of 75mm x 50mm and the FireLine has an emitting area of 125mm x 20mm or 225mm x 20mm. Both the FireFlex and FireLine are available in peak irradiances of 8W/cm² as measured at system output glass - which correlates to up to 360W of pure UV.


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