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UV LED Curing for Braille Printing

A B Graphic International Ltd has announced a new digital printing machine for Braille. The machine is primarily aimed at the production of pharmaceutical labels, leaflets and booklets and can also be used for any packaging markets where Braille marking is required.


Personalisation and Flexibility
Printing Braille allows for better personalisation and flexiblity for labels and packaging. If you want to change the message frequently (i.e. change the date, name, language, etc.), all you need to do is update the computer running the line. If you use a traditional stamping method instead of printing, you will need a new pair of wheels for each change. In addition to personalisation and flexibility, the new printing line allows for higher quality printed Braille on the packaging. This makes the labels easier to read with more language differentiators. The system utilizes UV LED curing with a high-viscosity ink 200 microns high that cures up at 40m/minute, which makes it ideally suited for use within a pharmaceutical environment.
Inspection, Rewinding & Printing
A B Graphic international offers the Omega 3010 booklet machine, which has been specially designed to handle booklet labels. It can rewind Booklet labels in 330 and 410 web widths. The Omega 3010 can inspect printface control as standard while offering a wide range of inspection options including, Barcode inspection, OCR and Braille inspection. The machine applies inkjet barcodes, sell by dates and sequential numbering to the print face or backside of the web.
UV LED Curing Lamps
The Phoseon FirePower™ is a high-powered water cooled UV LED curing lamp with peak intensities up to 16W/cm². FirePower products are ideal for a wide variety of printing applications. UV LED curing technology offers many advantages to the printer such as reduced operation cost, advanced capability, and environmental advantages.


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