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The label industrys latest printing innovation using high speed ink jet, HP Indigo & colour laser technology is opening up the world of label printing to a much wider customer base, which is creating exciting new opportunities for creative label designs, customisation and personalisation.

Memjet & Pagewide technologies offer incredible printing speeds with relative low investment costs using ink jet printing systems, providing a blisteringly fast method of making labels in colour with a professional look. The challenge is how to get all this print volume, speed and ìwetî ink to transfer succesfully onto the printed substrate and dry quickly enough, especially tricky when it comes to film based surfaces.

On show will be new generation, glossy nano technology, perfectly matched for this high speed printing. Label Jet PP Gloss White is a 0.60 mic polyproplylene film with a nice shiny, glossy nanoporous surface coating. This specially developed nanoporous coating acts like a micro honeycomb layer, sucking the ink droplets into the film at very high speed and holding them in the right position for perfect image resolution & colour brilliance. This high ink absorbption ensures the surface is instantly dry so as the printing continues, no ink offset occurs causing defects or jams. The highly glossy surface offers excellent scuff and water resistance so the label print is well protected. Matt microporous versions are available.

To compliment the inkjet range, a portfolio coated for HP Indigo & a range for colour laser is also available including clear, glossy & matt white as well as silver & gold adhesive films. All are pre-treated, heat stabilised for great toner/ink adhesion & high flatness control & providing perfect runnability.

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