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hubergroup launches CRSmax – an optimised mixing system for offset inks

CRSmax offers total control over fastness properties and is the most high-intensity system on the market

A definite and precise mixing philosophy is the hallmark of the hubergroup's CRSmax ink mixing system. The ready-to-use, monopigmented base colours enable ink formulae to be mixed that can be customised to the respective application and to the demands with respect to the substrate and finishing. As a result, all spot colours can be mixed rapidly, flexibly and cost-effectively right in the printshop.

In addition to the high quality of all of the components, the ink mixing system offers a number of other impressive competitive advantages. The printer mixes precisely the right amount of each ink required and has them immediately at his disposal. Also, thanks to the straightforward pigment concept, any residual ink can be worked into fresh inks without any problems. Since this means that practically no residual inks are accumulated and very little time is wasted matching the colour of inks at the press, the printer profits from multiple cost savings – less waste, lower inventory and warehouse costs, greater independence in production and fewer press downtimes.

The various CRSmax vehicle systems are mineral oil-free and consequently comply with the voluntary initiative of the trade associations of Europe's paper manufacturers and board processors that have taken it upon themselves to do completely without inks that contain components derived from mineral oil. The printing performance of the CRSmax ink mixing system has consciously been brought into line with the performance levels of the very latest generation of presses and the system produces high-quality results even for colour shades that were until now difficult to achieve with the right intensity. As such, it lives up to the exacting quality standards demanded by customers and is yet another benchmark for ink mixing systems set by the hubergroup.


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