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Omni Flow Continuous Flow Ink Pump Upgrade

Customers looking to rebuild or upgrade their old ink fountains or digital ink packs now have a better choice.

Omni Flow is a precision ink delivery system that outperforms other open ink fountains and ink pumping equipment. This simple and reliable system provides the high degree of accuracy that meets the demands of today’s high quality and cost-conscious printers.

Omni Flow is available as a “drop-in” system that reduces the downtime and extensive labor involved with fountain rebuilds, and can also be used as an upgrade to a stand-alone system with remote color adjustment. Omni Flow also integrates well with certain closed-loop color systems for added performance.

All continuous inker (i.e., metering roll & non-ductor presses)
Tele-Color II presses also require OmniColor upgrade
Non-Goss presses require stand-alone console
Most up-to-date systems require OmniCon upgrade

A simple, reliable upgrade provides high degree of accuracy


Closed system:

Ink remains free of contamination
Eliminates dampener solution emulsification
Ink savings

Faster make-ready:

Ink metered according to demand
Reduced startup time to correct density
Less waste

Greater precision:

Directly delivers exact amount of ink instead of relying on fountain roll film thickness and ink split
No fountain key wear and no need to recalibrate
No reliance on metering to fountain roll gap


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