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Textile Printing

Second wave in Digital Textile Printing around the corner!

Why is digital textile printing such a big deal? First of all, there is a big practical aspect to it. Regular fabric patterns are created through rotary or flatbed screen printing that require individual screens for every color used and large yardage. Simply put, you need to print a lot of fabric and waste a lot of time and you would still be restricted in your choices. With fashion changing on the fly and consumers vying for more exclusivity and customization the scope of digital printing is on the rise.

Digital Textile Printing race intensifies with strategic consolidations and acquisitions.

By Aditya Chandavarkar
Digital textile printing continues to push not only boundaries of innovation but also business alliances. 2014 seems to be a year of consolidation and acquisitions for the digital textile printing industry, which could intensify the competition in the industry to offer more comprehensive technology and services to the industry.