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Lighting art in the new Hall 12

To mark the official opening of the new Hall 12, the installation Flying to Peace by Munich designer Ingo Maurer was unveiled to the public in the hall’s North Foyer and set in motion.

Maurer was the unanimous winner of the artistic design competition for the North Foyer of the new Hall 12 with a vertical pendulum in the form of an ellipsoid.
The aim of the “Kunst am Bau” (Building Art) competition for Hall 12 was to create a light art design for the upper space in the North Foyer. Through the glass façade, the pendulum can also be seen from outside moving all the way up and down. While swinging from side to side, the striking object is drawn upwards, giving observers a view of the different access levels.

Uwe Behm, Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt, was confident that Flying to Peace would attract the attention of visitors to the North Foyer: “I am delighted that we are able to present this expansive installation in the new Hall 12. This work of art is both endearing and comical in its profundity. The pendulum will make the North Foyer of Hall 12 into one of the most prominent sights on our exhibition grounds.”

Unlike a Foucault pendulum, the pendulum in this installation moves up and down on a vertical plane. At its resting position, the lower edge of the pendulum is three metres above the ground. When the pendulum reaches its highest point, the distance from the ground is around eight metres. The pendulum cycle is divided into five stages and lasts around an hour. To highlight the movement of the pendulum, a red light line on the ground traces the oscillation of the ellipsoid.
The mirrored, convex surface of the pendulum captures the surroundings in a kind of panorama with the observer always at the centre.

Ingo Maurer on the project: “The pendulum is a fascinating interaction of movement and reflection which gives rise to wholly individual impressions and sensations. I am delighted that Messe Frankfurt has chosen the pendulum. As my company has been exhibiting at Messe Frankfurt for decades, I am well aware that, during busy days at the trade fair, there is a very real need for moments of relaxation and inspiring situations that help to provide new momentum. It would be wonderful if the people at the trade fair were to take on board the calm, regular momentum of the pendulum intuitively and find motivation in it.”

With the regular harmonic oscillation and calming movement of the Flying to Peace installation, Maurer secured first place ahead of designs by Jan and Tim Edler (realities:united), Brigitte Kowanz, Moritz Waldemeyer and Wolfgang Winter/Bertold Hörbelt. Prof. Matthias Wagner K, Director of the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main and a member of the panel of judges for the competition, described Maurer’s work as follows: “Flying to Peace is a striking object that is a perfect fit for the space. The pendulum conveys a permanent aesthetic, even when at rest.”

Also on the panel of judges were Dr. Susanne Gaensheimer (Director of the Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen art collection, Gerhard Wittfeld (architect from the Association of German Architects (BDA) and managing partner of kadawittfeldarchitektur), Uwe Behm (Member of the Executive Board of Messe Frankfurt) and Olaf Kühl (Vice President of Facility Management at Messe Frankfurt).

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