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Rexam's first to print high-definition photos on cans using Editions Super Premium technology

Rexam, the global beverage can maker and number one in South America, recently worked with Devassa Brewery to launch a collectable range of beverage cans to promote their partnership with the movement #RIOEUTEAMO (Rio I Love You).

The new labels use Rexam's EditionsTM Super Premium technology which allowed the production of seven different labels made by a combination of the brand name, Davassa and photos of the landscape of Rio de Janeiro.

The cans are the first in the world to showcase high-definition photos. To finish, the Devassa cans have a matte varnish.

Similarly, Guaraná Cruzeiro of NewAge Bebidas, recently launched their product in aluminium cans. Also using Rexam' Editions TM Super Premium technology, there are 24 different versions of the can with a sophisticated matte varnish finish.

And thanks to Rexam's Editions TM technology you are more than likely to find your name on a Coca-Cola Zero can on supermarket shelves in Argentina.


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