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Start-up Park: WAN-IFRA and Future Media Lab bring new talents to DCX Digital Content Expo

Partnering with Future Media Lab , WAN-IFRA and its Global Alliance for Media Innovation (GAMI) launch a Start-up Park: the new exclusive business platform allows the next generation of tech entrepreneurs and start-ups to meet and engage with the global network of media executives attending the incoming DCX Digital Content Expo (Berlin, 10 to 12 October 2017). The start-up Park will accelerate the dissemination of creative solutions needed to boost the innovation potential of media organisations.
The geography and process of innovation are now more open, collaborative and disperse than ever. Innovation efforts in the news media industry are simultaneously more globalised and more localised while the increasing variety of players contributes to enrich the innovation landscape. But the separate efforts, prototypes and roll-outs by hundreds of different tech companies get inconsistent attention and analysis. Vital lessons and examples are not being widely enough or rapidly enough disseminated.

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