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Radwen Tekaya is Pixartprinting’s new Director of Customer Care

The new manager announces extended operating hours and a recruitment drive

Radwen Tekaya has joined Pixartprinting’s management team in the role of Director of Customer Care, heading a department that has been TÜV-certified for some time. The company, one of the largest web-to-print firms in Europe, provides printing services internationally, working exclusively as a pure play company: its shop windows are its e-stores, available in eleven different languages, its sales representatives are its advanced online marketing activities, and its voice is provided by the customer care staff, who give a human touch to the service offered online. This team today comprises eighty mother-tongue assistants, who respond to customers’ requests from across Europe in Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.
A Tunisian national, with a Venetian wife and a degree in contemporary history from a French university, Tekaya has travelled from continent to continent at the helm of customer service departments with hundreds of employees. He joined the Cimpress Group – the world leader in mass customisation – in 2009, and for nine years has managed customer care at Vistaprint, Pixartprinting’s ‘cousin’, specialised in B2C printing services. He was delighted to receive Pixartprinting’s call: “My wife was overjoyed at being reunited with her family, and I was immediately drawn to this opportunity: Pixartprinting is a unique company, undoubtedly different from my previous experiences. People here are passionate about their work and have a collaborative spirit, a sense of belonging to a shared project”. Growing through the ranks is a regular occurrence at the company, with individuals acquiring expertise in a range of departments over time, thereby gaining a broader view of the company’s processes and strategic objectives. “That is definitely one of the aspects that interests me about this new role; as well as customer care, it also brings me into contact with marketing and production”. The opportunities for development do not just apply to managers, but also to many of Pixartprinting’s over 700 employees, and especially those working in the customer care unit. “A unique feature of this team is that the staff are trained to give customers an exhaustive answer to any problem, completely independently”, Tekaya explained. “As well as being adept with languages, they know their way around the online shop very well, and can guide customers through each individual step. They also have a basic knowledge of graphic design, know the products and production techniques inside out, and are well-informed on the ongoing marketing campaigns”.
Although Customer Care at Pixartprinting may already look like a well-oiled machine, Tekaya has some clear plans for its future. From April, it will be available non-stop from 9 AM until 10 PM. As well as extending the operating hours, a new recruitment drive is planned before the end of the year, again with the aim of shortening response times. “We are looking for skilled and versatile staff, but above all people who want to join this large family”. It’s a rather tempting offer, made even more attractive by Tekaya’s smile, that of a man with heaps of empathy and a rock ‘n’ roll spirit.

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