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Epson Acquires Shinko Sellbic and its Compact Injection Molding Technology

Seeks to accelerate manufacturing process innovation, and change the future of manufacturing

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724, "Epson") has acquired all outstanding shares of Shinko Sellbic Co., Ltd., making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
Shinko Sellbic, which began as a plastic mold and die manufacturer, has grown to become primarily a manufacturer of desktop compact injection molding machines and their parts. Their high-performance injection molding machines feature an original flat design that makes them small and light while providing the superior injection control needed for high-quality precision parts. Shinko Sellbic also has a portfolio of other proprietary manufacturing technologies, including an ultra-compact hot runner system with a unique nozzle design that reduces costs, saves space, and realizes runnerless (waste-free) molding.
Epson's goal in the robotics field, as stated in the Epson 25 Corporate Vision, is to refine its core manufacturing technologies that combine efficient, compact, and precision technologies along with sensing and smart technologies. We are also looking to accelerate manufacturing process innovation and change the future of manufacturing by strengthening our manufacturing infrastructure through greater efficiency and advances on the factory floor and in production management. Original core technology like Shinko Sellbic's compact injection molding technology will play an important role in achieving this.
By making Shinko Sellbic a wholly owned subsidiary and by combining the technologies of both companies, Epson will accelerate the innovation of manufacturing processes.
Shinko Sellbic Co., Ltd. Acquisition

Date of acquisition: June 1, 2018
New management organization effective June 1, 2018
Business name: Shinko Sellbic Co., Ltd. (no change)
Chief officer: Mitsutoshi Kato, President
Motonori Okumura (Seiko Epson Corporation Managing Executive Officer and General Administrative Manager of the Corporate Research & Development Division)
Tetsuya Mizuno (Seiko Epson Corporation Corporate Planning Department General Manager)
Corporate Auditor
Yoshihiro Mizoguchi (Seiko Epson Corporation Financial & General Accounting Department General Manager)
The acquisition of shares will have a negligible effect on Epson's financial results, etc.

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