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President and CEO Håkan Buskhe leaves Saab 2020

Håkan Buskhe has informed Saab's Board of Directors that he is leaving the position of President and CEO. The Board will now begin the recruitment of a successor.

Håkan Buskhe has according to his contract a six-month notice period and will continue in his current role for the time being, but will leave Saab by February 2020. The exact date will be determined by the recruitment process that Saab's Board now is initiating.

“With his great commitment and several strategically important decisions, Håkan Buskhe has laid a strong foundation for the continued positive progress of Saab. The development of Gripen E, Saab's part in the US T-X project and a sharp increase in capability within the important sensor technological area with i.a. GlobalEye, are some examples of this. Under Håkan Buskhe's leadership, Saab has also expanded internationally and started collaborations with a number of other leading defence industries. All in all, this means that Saab stands on a solid foundation, which is necessary with the extremely rapid technological developments that affect all industries,” says Marcus Wallenberg, Chairman of the Board.

Håkan Buskhe assumed the role of President and CEO of Saab on September 1, 2010. Håkan Buskhe is 55 years old.

“Saab has grown to a new level and is today a strong international defence and security company. We have achieved this through strategic partnerships, global presence and a continuous focus on investments in the product portfolio. It has been fantastic to lead this work”, says Saab's President and CEO Håkan Buskhe.

“The reason I choose to leave Saab is that I would like to face another operational challenge in my career. Until a new CEO is in place, I will continue to have full focus on Saab to ensure a smooth arrival for my successor, with the priorities being the implementation of the major projects together with our customers and the continued work to achieve Saab's financial goals”, concludes Saab's President and CEO Håkan Buskhe.

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