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Ricoh earns BLI PaceSetter award in the MFP Cloud Ecosystem arena for its forward-looking, adaptable portfolio

Keypoint Intelligence analyst notes Ricoh is "in the vanguard of the shift to cloud-ready workflows," adding "tremendous value for customers"

Ricoh USA, Inc. has announced that Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab (BLI) has awarded Ricoh a 2019-2020 BLI PaceSetter award in the MFP Cloud Ecosystem arena. Buyers Lab, the world's leading independent evaluator of document imaging software, hardware, and services, selected Ricoh as a winner in this category due to its work at the forefront of the evolving MFP ecosystem, delivering updateable, configurable technologies for today's rapidly changing digital workplaces as part of its Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach.
"Ricoh was one of the pioneers in developing embedded software platforms able to extend the functionality of the MFP, and the company is now leading the shift to cloud-ready MFPs and the associated ecosystem that adds tremendous value for customers," said Jamie Bsales, Director, Solutions Analysis, Keypoint Intelligence. "These abilities are driven by underlying software platform technologies and the associated cloud services that let customers leverage the MFP capabilities, which can scale with businesses' evolving needs. Robust offerings in these areas are essential, and Ricoh is providing them."
In Keypoint's analysis, Ricoh stood out due to its RICOH Smart Integration platform, which enables cloud-connected apps to run seamlessly on the company's latest intelligent MFPs and other IoT devices. Another noted aspect of Ricoh's portfolio is RICOH Cloud Workflow Solutions, a collection of technologies that deliver streamlined simplicity in the form of affordable, scalable, subscription-based offerings. These solutions help eliminate manual steps, so businesses can maintain their focus on core activities in their business. The portfolio consists of:
cloud connectors: predefined workflows to streamline processes;
cloud workflows: to deliver specifically tailored, advanced features such as multi-destination scanning;
cloud services: sophisticated workflows and applications with a variety of uses, such as extracting content from documents, integrating with cloud-based line of business applications and creating multiple data routes to support the most complex requirements.
RICOH Always Current Technology, one of Ricoh's more groundbreaking developments in this area, is set to take this configurable, scalable, seamless interoperability and enhancement to the next level. RICOH Always Current Technology makes regular updates to firmware and other applications available on demand, as needed. Customers can download and install new features, applications and upgrades directly to their intelligent MFP as they become available, giving users greater flexibility and allowing them to work with more agility. Today's workplaces require scalability to address their evolving needs, demand security features and software be up-to-date and want the ability to purchase premium upgrades as soon as they're available. Ricoh's new intelligent MFPs offer all of these benefits and continue to evolve as customers' businesses grow. For example, future RICOH Always Current Technology premium upgrades will include tools to enhance accessibility and streamline ease-of-use such as natural-speech voice control.
At the same time, Ricoh MFP design places a strong emphasis on security and uptime, as well as delivering offerings at a diverse set of price points, so businesses of all sizes and types of need can benefit.
"Ricoh takes an adaptable, ever-evolving approach to today's digital workplaces, because no two are exactly alike," said Steven Burger, Head of Engineering and Vice President of Portfolio Management, Ricoh USA, Inc. "Always Current Technology and Cloud Workflow Solutions allow us to continue to deliver for customers long after the initial implementation whenever they need. This approach goes a long way in helping our customers succeed in an ever-changing business world, and it helps them get the most out of our expertise and vision. We are proud of our work in developing and applying the Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach, and we are honored that Keypoint Intelligence and BLI have recognized our efforts within the MFP cloud ecosystem."


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