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Leading Newsletter Publisher Loud and Proud in Print With Redesign of Bottom Line HEALTH

Newsletter publisher Bottom Line Inc. announced the redesign and expanded offerings of its flagship health publication, Bottom Line Health. The company has been providing consumers with actionable advice from leading mainstream and natural health practitioners in its traditional, no-nonsense newsletter format since 1986. The new design, which launches with the March issue, responds to today’s more visual and time-pressed readers by providing a more open and reader-friendly layout, graphics that help tell each story and additional subscriber-only online content that complements the print articles, providing extra value for each paid subscription.

“Our prior design was very effective at helping people know that we mean serious business when we report on the latest health breakthroughs. We could come across as a little intimidating when there are so many dangers lurking in our medicine cabinets, hospitals and toxic environment. The goal of the new design is to retain the strength of our message but make it more accessible to a public that likes infotainment,” said Chief Creative Officer Brian Wittman, who conceptualized the new design of Bottom Line Health.
Chief Content Officer Marjory Abrams promised that while the design is new, the unique editorial focus on integrative health care and Bottom Line’s promise of trustworthy information remain unchanged. “We are forever committed to Bottom Line’s signature double-fact-checking methodology that ensures review by the experts we interview and our in-house research team. In a world full of fake news, people can trust Bottom Line to always provide trustworthy information.”
Bottom Line Health Editor Rebecca Shannonhouse is developing a lineup of stories for future issues that continues to feature leading experts in their fields, including Michael F. Roizen, MD, Cleveland Clinic, on the importance of timing your meals to improve your health...Joseph E. Pizzorno, ND, leading naturopathic physician, on protecting yourself from the many toxins in your daily environment...and Husam H. Balkhy, MD, University of Chicago Medicine, on robotic heart surgery.
“Print is not going away,” says Bottom Line CEO Sarah Hiner. “With Google and other search engines, you have to know what to ask in order to get an answer to your question. In print, there is the wonderful delight of turning a page and learning new things that you didn’t even know existed. With this redesign, we are reinforcing the strength of print as a portable, tactile ‘push’ medium and enhancing the experience with digital’s enriched formats.”

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