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Successful annual conference in Fribourg, CH

This year the 44th annual iarigai scientific conference took place in Fribourg, CH from September 9th to 13th. The conference was hosted by the iPrint Institute, led by Prof. Dr. Fritz Bircher from the University of Applied Science, Fribourg.

The topics of the scientific presentations ranged from packaging printing through printed functionality and improvements in industrial printing processes and materials, through 2D-plus printing (2.5D / 3D / 4D), printing in life sciences (bio printing) to - last but not least - sustainability. Researchers from more than 20 countries presented key notes and in scientific sessions with two parallel tracks, in sum more than 30 research papers.
The abstracts of the presented papers will be published online in a new issue of the “Advances in Printing and Media Technology, Proceedings of the International Research Conference of iarigai” to be ordered via the iarigai website.
The price for the best paper and presentation was granted to Olimpia Mamula Steiner from the iPrint Institute on the topic “Cheap Carbon Nanodots Obtained from Waste and their Use as Luminescent Material for (Water-based) Ink-jet Inks”. The presenters were encouraged to submit full scientific papers to the peer reviewed quarterly “Journal of Print and Media Technology” edited by Prof. Dr. Gorazd Golob. The journal can be ordered via the iarigai website.
New president and board members elected
During the General assembly of the IARIGAI members, a new IARIGAI president was elected because the mandate of the former president Dr. Anne Blayo from Pagora, Grenoble, France, reached the time limit after six years of outstanding service. The new president, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunter Huebner from the Media University of Applied Science in Stuttgart, Germany, stated in his inaugural speech that his intention is to seek more co-operations and synergies with related organizations such as the International Circle (“IC”, a similar worldwide organization for educational institutes in the aforementioned areas) or the TAGA (Technical Association of the Graphic Arts, a worldwide industry targeted society) etc. in order to tackle the decreasing societal confidence in the future of the printing technologies. One of the principle statements is: print is more than just newspapers and catalogues. Besides the new president, three new members of the iarigai board and the vice president Fons Put from VIGC, Belgium, were elected.
The 45th annual conference of the iarigai will take place on October 4th to 8th 2018 in Warsaw, Poland, in accordance with the 50 years anniversary celebration of the Faculty for Printing Technology of the Polytechnical University of Warsaw and in synchronization with the 50th annual conference of the IC.



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