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G+D Mobile Security Ensures Secure Data Processing and Protection Against Cloning and Misuse for the VERIMI Identity Management Solution

G+D recently joined the European data alliance VERIMI (www.VERIMI.com) with partners like Allianz, Daimler, Lufthansa and Deutsche Telekom. VERIMI is the new European identity and data platform. This includes a safe and easy-to-use single sign-on functionality, but also the management of personal information. Its secure identity management solution for private customers and service providers is scheduled to be launched in Germany in late spring 2018. It will be secured with a solution developed by G+D Mobile Security, the Trusted Application Kit (TAK). TAK is designed to protect mobile apps against data, identity and know-how theft, fraud, identity misuse and malware. TAK ensures privacy compliant and secure processing of data and the security of iOS and Android apps. The solution will be shown at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (February 26th to March 1st) at G+D Mobile Security’s booth in Hall 7 (Booth 7A41).

Once officially launched, users can trust VERIMI to let them manage their identity and data securely, while service providers and online vendors benefit from highly secure user identification and authentication. Such a solution has to be developed and designed according to the highest and most advanced security standards. G+D Mobile Security’s Trusted Application Kit was benchmarked against various US and French security providers and outmatched them thanks to its superior security and anti-cloning functionality. TAK is offered as a managed service and software package for integration in mobile apps.

“VERIMI is a perfect use case for the TAK solution as it ensures the integrity of apps and processes in a sensitive environment while supporting General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance and fast adoption,” said Christian Schläger, Head of Cyber Security Product Management at G+D Mobile Security. “With the TAK solution for anti-tampering and anti-cloning, G+D has a unique position in the market, as these ingredients are a must for identity management and secure business processes.”

“VERIMI draws its strength from its partners and investors and is driven by the growing realization among users that identity, privacy and security are something to value and protect,” said Donata Hopfen, CEO of VERIMI. “The partnership with G+D enables us to use the best security and protection available for our mobile offerings. We do that not only to secure our solution but most importantly to make the lives of our customers easier and more secure.”

The TAK solution uses a simple software toolkit and strengthens the app’s security by a connection to a secure G+D data center, thus preventing misuse and detecting fraud, regardless of vendor, model and OS. Services are all delivered out of Germany and are GDPR compliant, thereby helping app providers to be GDPR compliant as well. Reference use cases for TAK include transit, transport, banking, security and government.

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