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New Technology

Novel software can recognize eye contact in everyday situations

Human eye contact is an important information source in the areas of outdoor advertising and marketing, assistive systems such those as in cars, or interactions between humans and robots. Nonetheless, so far, possibilities to recognize eye contact in everyday situations have been very limited. Together with a colleague from Osaka University, computer scientists of the Excellence Cluster at Saarland University and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics have now developed a method by the aid of which it is possible to detect eye contact, independent of the type and size of the target object, the position of the camera, or the environment.

Automated mobility

With these components, Bosch is automating driving
• Automated driving has an impact on all areas of a car and requires profound systems expertise.
• Redundancy in safety-critical systems such as braking and steering is a must.
• Bosch manufactures many of the components needed for automated driving in-house.
• Reliable environment recognition requires combining data from different sensor principles.

Cognitive Hub at the AI Summit in London, the next step of Konica Minolta towards the workplace of the future

Konica Minolta, for the second consecutive year, is supporting the AI Summit, the world’s foremost event covering the practical implications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enterprise organisations, and AI solutions that are transforming business productivity. Taking place in London, 9 – 10 May, more than 1000 participants are attending alongside executives, AI start-up innovators, press/media and acclaimed researchers in the field of AI.

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