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WAN-IFRA launches global campaign to underline the vitality of the news industry

The IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX Digital Content Expo are starting a worldwide campaign for commercially successful publishing
Strategic partners include The New York Times, Süddeutsche Zeitung, The Hindu, Irish Independent, Le Figaro, Die Presse, and HVG

On the occasion of the IFRA World Publishing Expo and DCX Digital Content Expo from 10 to 12 October 2017 in Berlin, leading news brands around the world join the World Association of Newspapers and News Media (WAN-IFRA) and the expo organiser for the launch the global campaign "Make Publishing Successful”. Partners involved in the campaign believe that democracy thrives when people are informed by a sustainable, innovative, and independent news media ecosystem.

The initiative underlines the vitality of the news industry. To secure its vital role in today’s society, a free press business must continue to prosper in the long-term, supported by a reliable flood of new technologies, products and business models.

“In times of rapid changes, people rely on information they can trust and that helps them understand what’s happening in the world. Despite considerable pessimism about the future of journalism, we have the opportunity to create our future,” says Michael Golden, Vice Chairman of The New York Times Company. The new President of WAN-IFRA promotes the need to facilitate innovative platforms to help publishers meet the ever-changing demands of their consumers.

Expo: catalyst to drive the transformation process

The dual fair event of the IFRA World Publishing Expo and new DCX Digital Content Expo is one of those platforms: a catalyst to drive the transformation process, to decode future trends, screen innovation trends, and identify innovation partners. The global platform encourages collaboration with technology partners to unlock the innovation potential of providers and to facilitate market access.

The New York Times (USA), the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), The Hindu (India), Irish Independent (Ireland), Le Figaro (France), Die Presse (Austria), and HVG (Hungary) support this effort and the campaign in their respective markets.

„The IFRA World Publishing Expo has always been a melting pot of news media where publishers gather to evaluate the most recent innovations and developments in technology, network, and learn from each other. We are delighted to partner with the IFRA and the new DCX, and to support the vitality of our industry,” says Stephen Rae, Group Editor-in-Chief of Independent News & Media (INM, Ireland).

Offer good journalism and talk about it

“Commercial success, especially in digital times and continually changing economic conditions, cannot be taken for granted. At IFRA and DCX we will show what is important and offer a network for exchanging views and opinions about success factors”, says Alexander Petsch, CEO of Publishing Exhibition, the Expo organiser. Newspapers, whether print or online, continue to have a wide reach, are well respected brands and employ many outstanding journalists. Their circulation and readership data are compiled and certified by independent organisations. “But the digitisation and self-marketing of the media are major challenges that must be confronted.”

“Freedom of expression is a fundamental right, a touchstone of all our freedoms. Solid independent news publishing companies are one of its basic pillars. Our ‘Make Publishing Successful’ campaign is a profession of faith. It is a call for innovation as the culmination of a strong global network”, says Vincent Peyrègne, CEO of WAN-IFRA. Together with our international media network, we want to drive home this message to the public, as well as to policy-makers.”

“United we stand. For quality journalism.”

The initiators of the campaign are promoting the exhibition and their drive to make publishing commercially successful by placing advertisements worldwide. With the message “United we stand. For quality journalism.”, they emphasise the importance of research networks and the common effort to ensure quality journalism.

Together with the worldwide media partners supporting the campaign and WAN-IFRA, Publishing Exhibition aims to discuss additional objectives and messages of the campaign, and increase its network of supporting partners in future.

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