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5 Quick Tips for Designing in Layers

Regardless of your business's industry or size, any space can be enhanced by using the right visual graphics and design. In part one of our guest blog series, we discussed how using layers with magnetic receptive graphics, such as Visual Magnetics' MagnaMedia®, can create dynamic designs and extend your brand message.

Creating the Ultimate Office Space with Interior Decor Graphics

The average employee spends more waking hours in their office space than anywhere else. Colorful, exciting décor for offices can foster a creative culture, give a great first impression and boost overall morale in the workplace. Signage and office graphics can quickly ramp up the décor in your office space. Think of your current office as a blank canvas. Now it's time to transform that blank white space into something fun, unforgettable and inspiring that will make your employees excited to come to work. Whether you're designing a large office or sprucing up a smaller space on a budget, we have creative solutions and unique decorating ideas for your workplace.

Top Tips for Using QR Codes vs. Augmented Reality

If you want tips for deciding between a QR code and augmented reality, it's all about understanding the technology. QR codes have existed for about 20 years and have gained popularity in the past five years while augmented reality is a relative newcomer. Both technologies accomplish the same goal of bridging the gap between digital and print media to eliminate the need of remembering or typing long web URLs.

Bringing Holiday Cheer to Healthcare Facilities with Visual Graphics

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can be gloomy places, but with the right graphics you can make them more cheerful for patients and visitors year round. Doctors, nurses and staff members work around the clock to provide the best care to patients and visual communications can aid in making the healthcare experience better for everyone involved, especially during the holidays when most people would rather be home with friends and families. From wayfinding hospital signs for holiday events to floor and wall and floor graphics to make the children's ward more festive, visual communications can spread more holiday cheer throughout your healthcare facility.

Brands That Created Iconic Visual Graphics for the Holidays

Holiday advertising is much of what makes the season so exciting and memorable. From stunning store displays to unforgettable holiday graphics, a few companies went above and beyond to create iconic visuals that continue to withstand the test of time. These Christmas graphics are more than just a print ad in a magazine or an eye-catching billboard; they evoke feeling and bring undeniable joy to the holiday season. The following brands hit their mark with these cherished symbols of holiday cheer. Below are our picks for the most recognizable holiday visuals and graphics of all time.

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