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GEW at InPrint 2017 in Munich

At InPrint 2017 in Munich GEW will display its proven range of arc lamp and LED UV curing systems for printing and coating applications available in widths from 10cm up to 2.5m from a single lamp. GEW UV systems are robust, versatile systems widely used for applications in the inkjet and industrial printing industries.

5 Quick Tips for Designing in Layers

Regardless of your business's industry or size, any space can be enhanced by using the right visual graphics and design. In part one of our guest blog series, we discussed how using layers with magnetic receptive graphics, such as Visual Magnetics' MagnaMedia®, can create dynamic designs and extend your brand message.

Creating the Ultimate Office Space with Interior Decor Graphics

The average employee spends more waking hours in their office space than anywhere else. Colorful, exciting décor for offices can foster a creative culture, give a great first impression and boost overall morale in the workplace. Signage and office graphics can quickly ramp up the décor in your office space. Think of your current office as a blank canvas. Now it's time to transform that blank white space into something fun, unforgettable and inspiring that will make your employees excited to come to work. Whether you're designing a large office or sprucing up a smaller space on a budget, we have creative solutions and unique decorating ideas for your workplace.

Top Tips for Using QR Codes vs. Augmented Reality

If you want tips for deciding between a QR code and augmented reality, it's all about understanding the technology. QR codes have existed for about 20 years and have gained popularity in the past five years while augmented reality is a relative newcomer. Both technologies accomplish the same goal of bridging the gap between digital and print media to eliminate the need of remembering or typing long web URLs.