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Mobile Metrology

Today, due to increasingly shorter production and development times, the inspection of tools, systems and parts directly takes place during the ongoing production. GOM responds to this challenge of industry with mobile and flexible measuring systems that can be used directly on-site of the measuring object.

For online measurement and part positioning, GOM provides a mobile optical 3D measuring system that enables an assembly analysis basing on augmented reality. Using dynamic referencing, the part and the sensor can be moved freely – regardless of the interferences in a production environment. PONTOS Live also allows the combination of optical and tactile measuring procedures.
For mobile 3D digitizing, GOM has developed the compact class of the ATOS series. ATOS Compact Scan excels by its flexibility: System, stand and laptop fit into one suitcase and can be transported easily. Due to its changeable measuring areas, the robust and precise sensor enables digitizing and inspection of small parts up to large tools. Depending on the requirements, the sensor’s accuracy and resolution can be adapted flexibly.
When inspecting large-volume objects such as industrial plants as much flexibility as possible is required – therefore, GOM offers the TRITOP system, a coordinate measuring machine that captures single 3D coordinates of large-volume objects fast and precisely. The system is used hand-held and wireless. The measurement can be evaluated immediately on the laptop. This guarantees the fitting of parts prior to the assembly.



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