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ATOS Measuring Data for Industry 4.0

The most important measure for optimizing manufacturing processes in tool, pattern and mold making, is quality assurance, involving measurement, control and correction processes. To do so, three-dimensional digitizing of the actual states of finished and semi-finished products, tools and machines has formed the respective basis.

Adaptive manufacturing
For Industry 4.0, the use of digitized 3D measuring data offers complete new possibilities. A number of new manufacturing and repair technologies have emerged from the combination of full-field coordinate measuring points and current CAD/CAM software.
In adaptive machining, 3D measuring data of the ATOS system is already used for automated adjustments of single manufacturing and repair steps. Based on the actual states, CNC programs and traveling paths are calculated such that parts are manufactured according to nominal dimensions. In the long term, the whole process control could be based on 3D data. A prerequisite is the establishment of standardized interfaces for software and hardware.
New standards
In concepts such as PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), as much process and part information as possible is gathered in the form of PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) to ensure a comprehensive and company-wide management and control of production chains. Therefore, GOM already developed interfaces for the digital transfer of inspection features. Quality criteria and datum systems that were implemented by a semantic construction into the CAD, can be transferred digitally and evaluated in a context-sensitive way. Integrating standardized inspection languages such as GD&T into the GOM Inspect software is a further contribution from the company to Industry 4.0. Furthermore, new interfaces were developed which will allow a simple and robust communication between the plants and measuring systems in the future.



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