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Carbon’s M1 Printer Used to Manufacture High Quality Audio Parts for Motorcycles

According to PwC¹, 67% of US manufacturers are using 3D printing in some-way and almost 51% of them are making prototypes and delivering final products using 3D printing. In this case study, we will share how Primary Manufacturing, a leading provider of production-grade 3D printed plastic components, helped Soundz, a maker of high-quality audio products to launch a new audio speaker series to the market on time

Reconstructing cylinder heads for Porsche legends

Cylinder headAnyone who owns a legendary Porsche 550 Spider, 904 or 356 Carrera can count himself lucky. These cars have experienced an enormous increase in value over the last few years. Unfortunately special parts like cylinder heads are no longer available. In the event of damage, the only remedy is through customized parts reconstruction or reverse engineering, and 3-D printing turned out to be the cheapest way.

3D printed (USF) Ultra Small Footprint Vehicle

The design objective was to design a vehicle for the next generation (Generation Z) for the world's largest cities of the future.

The Vehicle is designed around the city of Tokyo for the year 2025, with the aim at bringing excitement back into the commuter's day to day travels. The City of Tokyo, while it has an extremely efficient transportation system that arrives promptly, all of the commuter trains are grossly over capacity, some as close as 200%, which leads to a dismal commute to work.

3D printed "Glicopter" is always watching your car

Many kinds of multicopters have been developed recently. One of the most interesting ways of use is photography from the air. It must be useful that if it were possible that taking pictures of a car from the air by a multicopter. Because it is able to record not only the running car but also surrounding cars.

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