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3D Printing News

Lifeguards of the near future

As the manufacturing partner for Sanad Academy, the winner of the AED1million 2017 UAE Drones for Good prize, Immensa Technology Labs was faced with the task of redesigning and 3D printing the body of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) within a very short period of time. The decision to produce the drone using additive manufacturing was made only three weeks prior to the competition, at a time when the team at Sanad Academy realized that 3D printing was the only way by which they could realize their ambitious goals. Their aim was to manufacture a ‘lifeguard drone’ – a drone which did not only fly, but could also float on water and act as a lifebuoy for people who may be drowning.

Immensa Technology Labs to File for a 3D-Printing Patent

Immensa Technology Labs has submitted the first 3D printing related patent from a UAE-based company. The patent — an Immensa proprietary method for the production of moulds for concrete and other aggregates utilizing 3D printing — is an exclusive innovation that aims to revolutionise the way regional construction companies and engineering firms approach urban design, and allows for a wide array of creative applications while negating the burdens involved with current available methods.

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